Vashti + Yeshua | Sweet Spring Blooming Engagement | La C rosse, WI | Haley Hundt Photos

Okay. So to fully understand WHY I got so misty-eyed when Vashti told me Yeshua proposed, we've got to take little trip down memory lane.

**record scratch*

Vashti was one of the first senior girls that I photographed that I didn't personally know. Photographers, you remember your first sessions like this! These sessions are secret mile stones that we keep in our memory vaults. Arriving at the sessions never sure what to expect. Excited & hoping we educated our clients enough to make sure they trust us and our skills & pray to a higher power that you don't make yo'self look like a fool. I'm pretty sure I also chewed extra sticks of gum & checked my gear 12 thousand times!

It was nearing the end of Vashti's senior portrait session and I was loving every second with this girl! Talk about an easy person to photograph ;) You'll see why for obvious reasons once you scroll through the rest of this blog! So, we were laughing & heading back to our vehicles. Walking up a long hill, I was seriously trying to hide how out of shape and winded I was by making small talk. I turned to Vashti & asked, "So, what do you want to do after high school?" she replied,

"I really can’t wait to be married and start a family!"

Do see what I mean?! Que tears, every time.

Yeshua, you are so blessed to find a girl as wonderful as her, and Vashti vice versa. I'm so excited to see your relationship blossom into a marriage!


This is the spot where Yeshua proposed!