The Wedding Experience Bridal Guide

Drumroll, please!

I present the ultimate bridal guide! Exclusively for all Haley Hundt Brides, this 92 page magazine is filled with all of my photography secrets!

A little under two years ago I started a little project I like to call “The Bridal Guide”! The idea was that I wanted to create an bridal magazine for my brides to receive once they book with me. Of course, I could just send my couples a generic copy of The Knot or Wisconsin Bride (like they haven't gotten their hands on the latest issue anyways!) but I wanted this gift to be personal, educational and above all, attainable! The Bridal Guide is not only full of my favorite images, it contains tons of helpful information about planning a photography-friendly wedding day! I’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response to the project and I’m extremely relieved because this has been something that I have wanted to do for so long!

In this magazine, couples receive insider info on what a wedding experience looks like from a photographers (well, mine own specifically) point of view! From the engagement session through the delivery of the wedding gallery, this guide walks my couples through the entire experience so they know what to expect. Plus, tips + real life, local weddings for inspiration! It's like having Pinterest in a physical book format that is easy to follow and page through.

As a sneak peek on the topics I cover in this bridal guide, here is a snapshot from the Table of Contents pages.. yes, pages!

I've covered SO many topics in here. From the moment you book your wedding you are escorted through the process, chapter by chapter. I even go in depth about planning the engagement session and there's even a section just for the Groom!

I also wanted to address a few questions I have been getting:

• This guide is a biggins! There’s 90+ pages of love + wedding knowledge here. It’s specifically geared towards couples planning their wedding and what to expect from your day and your photographer!

• Because this beauty is so large, she’s a pretty penny to print- and entirely worth it! This guide is only available to my currently booked 2020/21 couples! If you’re a past client and would like a copy, send me an email and I will be happy to email you one!

Creating this was a larger process than I anticipated, but I couldn’t be happier that we've finally crossed the finish line. My blue light glasses went into overtime protecting my eyes from excessive strain for sure! Beyond my own efforts, this beauty wouldn’t be possible without every person who has helped me revise, edit, and revise again.. and again! I am super thankful to have such wonderful people in my life who are waaaay better at catching grammatical errors than I am, and who like me enough to help me out on such a large project. I’m lucky I am able to call them I call them a friend + my family. Thank you!