The First Post!

Hello, hello!

W E L C O M E to my first blog post! Yay!

I am so excited to be finally blogging for you! It has been something I have given a lot of thought on. If you are here straight from Instagram, you were probably one of those sweet followers who voted YES to this! Ask and you shall receive. ;)

Let's kick this off with a bit of an intro, shall we?

I'm Haley Hundt- a girl who always has her hair in a mess of waves or in a top knot, a girl who would rather spend time at home with her hus-babe Augie and sweet puppy Ollie, and I'm definitely a girl who chooses cheese curds over french fries. Always.

Aside from being a wife, I am so much more. I'm a portrait photographer based in Southwest Wisconsin, but if you know me well, you know I always have my eyes set on that horizon!

Being a small business owner has definitely had it's perks! How many jobs do you get to be outside and meet wonderful humans who usually turn into sweet friends?

It's been an empowering journey so far, and not just for me. I am a strong believer in community over competition and will probably preach self love to anyone willing to listen. This world that we are all a part of has so much more to offer than hate. Let's spread a lot more love with every chance we get. If your definition of spreading love is to be photographed with the person you love, there's a big chance that is my definition as well :)

It's so great to meet you, friend. I am so happy to bring you into a community of love.

photo by Clara Ann Photography