Spring Bluff Side Engagement | LaCrosse, Wisconsin | Cody & Drew

Cody and Drew had scheduled their engagement session with me months ago. We all looked forward to spring buds and to walk among blossoms kissing petal to petal in the new spring breeze. You know, with that "New Earth" kinda smell. A week ago our area was hit with a bit of reality and basically a second winter (go figure!) but I wouldn't have traded it for anything! Except maybe some hand warmers. Mother Nature could have given those out ;) You would never tell by looking at their engagement photos without context, but we were bundling into coats for warmth between shots, and that there was snow where they stood only a day or two before. Their love and warm aura they emit on and off camera definitely scared the cold away! Can you believe when we wrapped up our session my car told me it was a whopping 26 degrees outsude? Burrr! Cody and Drew, the only thing more stunning than this golden winteresque spring sunset was you two in it. Ask them how I feel, they know I'm one of their biggest fans! They are the biggest troopers.

We were lucky enough to shoot in two beautiful locations in the LaCrosse, Wisconsin area. Goose Island and Granddad Bluff Park, and guess what?? As we were walking to the sweetest spot to shoot at the bluff, I commented to Cody how great the sunset was cooperating for their session, and she replied "Oh yea! We had our first date here." ALRIGHT. My heart just e x p l o d e d ! Seriously, what a coincidence that I happened to scope out their first date location for their engagement photos??! They definitely owned those bluffs like it was their business!

Cody and Drew, I hope you both hold on to moments like these. Engagements are short, so savor the moments while they're still fresh. I hope you continue to snuggle each other close and bloom together in your surroundings, and may every sweet moment be "The Notebook" cover worthy, even if it's just real life at home together in your pjs. You two deserve to saturate in each others happiness and glow for each other- through your engagement and to your marriage.

Now, bring it on, October! Let's get these two married!