Snuggly at Home Engagement Session | Melissa & Tony

Tony had known for a long time that Melissa was the one. For anyone who knows them, this engagement has been a long time coming! They invited me to their brand spankin' new home they bought together and what better way to celebrate love than where they live their best lives? We spent an afternoon twirling on their back roads and snuggling by their back yard campfire (with the BEST view, guys!

This sweet couple is near and dear to my heart, ya'll. They are the kind of couple who ask you to text them when you've made it home safely. They are the kind of couple to bring treats to work just because. They are the kind of couple who aren't afraid to get out on the dance floor (probably because they're one of the few humans these days who have any clue what they're doing out there!). They're the kind of couple who give happiness to the world.

My heart is so happy to know these two and to receive the kind of friendship they have bestowed upon me and everyone else they meet.

Now, let's get these two married!

Melissa and Tony planted these trees last year in hopes of producing fruit for a future orchard (I don't know how they get cuter than this, but just wait-- THEY DO)

They couldn't forget their baby, now could they? Here is Torch's modeling debut!

Their new house! Aren't they ADORBS?