Sierra + Nate | Vesperman Farms | Haley Hundt Photos

The week leading up to their wedding weekend, Sierra + Nate had been praying for clear skies. The forecast called for a massive storm to roll through right around the time of their ceremony. Who knew what they were praying against was exactly what their day needed... :)

As I was getting Nate ready for the First Look, I held a steady and calm demeanor, as he was soo excited to see his beautiful bride. The sky to the West was a deep, almost royal blue. The winds were starting to pick up as Sierra made her way towards her groom. After their sweet embracing moments, we all turned back to check the sky again. Nate (who may or may not have a future as a weatherman.. back up career? haha) said, "Those are 60 mile per hour winds and we have about 2 minutes to get back inside.". You can be SURE that we made the most out of those 120 seconds! Thankfully, these two had experienced an engagement session with me a few months prior and remembered all of our core poses an executed them like champs. 110 seconds past and I picked up Sierra's train and we sprinted to the bridal suit! Phew, safe!

Wind and rain was pounding the sweet little bridal suit. Rain finding its way inside any way possible. Free standing fences blown over in the wind. We were down to the wire before guests started arriving for the ceremony. An outdoor ceremony wasn't looking like it was in the cards for us.. we had to start talking about the possibility of having everything indoors. This is where I absolutely have to give Sierra + Nate's bridal party the biggest props- they came together and said,

"Whatever it takes, we are going to make an outdoor ceremony happen for you!"

Okay. Cue the feels! How many people would stand in the rain and risk gowns, hair, makeup, shoes and suits? Sierra + Nate, you have some pretty amazing people on your side :)

Suddenly, as quickly as it started, the rain completely dissipated. It was as if the moisture had evaporated from the lawn and seating before it even hit the ground. Simply amazing. And that evening? The sun peaked out for the most spectacular sunset I've ever seen on a wedding day. What Sierra + Nate had been hoping wouldn't happen ended up being exactly what they needed, and I couldn't be happier that it ended up the way it did.

Please enjoy all of my favorite images from Sierra + Nate's wedding day at Vesperman Farms! If you are interested in any of the vendors, please find their tags at the bottom of this post.

*cue storm clouds stage left*

The moment when you see your best friend for the first time all day.

After this, I picked up Sierra's train and we all sprinted back to the bridal suite!

Vendor Love:

Wedding Planner: Morgan Spitzer & Ashley of Vesperman Farms

Ceremony, Reception & Catering: Vesperman Farms

Invitations/ Stationer: Shutter Fly

Bridesmaids' Attire: Azazie

Groomsmens' Attire: JCPenny

Jeweler: Howes

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Stephany Hansen

Wedding Officiant: Craig Skrede

Florist: Quillins

Cake Baker: Laurie Hansen DJ: Kevin Kieler