Serena | Viroqua Senior Portraits | Dancing Through Wildflowers

Guys. I am seriously blown away by this years graduating class. They are without a doubt the most sweet and thoughtful humans I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Really!

When I met up with Serena to meet her and her mother I was greeted with warm hugs and smiles, and left with even more hugs and even more smiles.. and a bottle of honey from the bees Serena beekeeps. What?! How lovely is she?! <3 Ya'll, when I say this girl is sweet and thoughtful, I'm not just saying it! As she was showing me her outfits for her senior portrait session, Serena made of the comment of,
"I saw you post on Instagram that you liked to photograph long dresses so I went out and found two dresses I loved to wear for my senior session!"
Again.... UMMM, WHAT? This girl is seriously all of the heart eye emojis. <3Flash forward to Serena's senior session.After frolicking among the wildflowers and utilizing all but the last 1% of sunlight, I turned to Serena's mom who had been trucking Serena, me, Serena's sweet sister and cousin along from location to location. Tears started to swell around the corners of her mama's eyes after I asked if she would be willing to join her daughter in wrapping up her senior portrait session with one last portrait. I love being able to surprise every mama and family member who tags along (because I probably owe them for having them help hold a reflector or two anyways!) on senior sessions. I always urge them to step in front of the camera. Family members, this one's for you. These kids are almost no longer kids. Senior year goes by so fast for students, but don't even think to blink. These kids grow up so fast, and right in front of your eyes in almost an instant. Even if you are camera shy, even if you aren't "made up", I urge you to always step in front of my camera for at least one last frame. These are moments you're never going to get back. I am honored to be able to freeze a sliver of time for you and your senior. <3

Those. Heels!

Guys, this girl is so awesome. Once she put on her first long dress she asked when she could get spinning pictures! If you follow me, you know I love me some beautiful hair and dress twirls ;) Lucky for me, this girl is a DANCER and honestly blew me away. Seriously, can Serena get any cooler????

Twirling in every dress!