Serena | Summertime Shine | Senior Portraits | Senior Portraits

Ahh! I have SO many sweet things to say about Serena! First of all: Serena did not come to play!

Honestly I had SO much fun with this beautiful girl and her family during her senior session. They scouted out some PERFECT spots in and around Sparta. It makes me so happy to see parents & siblings actively involved in the seniors vision. They’re always great for some playful banter, too ;)

Honestly, I had zero idea Sparta was so gorgeous. Those beautiful steps? Their public library. YES! That beautiful glowing willow tree and stream? Literally right downtown. The field of wildflowers? On the side of a highway. I'm blown away, ya'll.

Also, Serena had her own vision for her senior portraits and I think we executed them beautifully. Honestly, with her natural confidence in front of a camera I think anything was possible ;) Usually, the first 15 minutes of any session is spent "warming up the client" and we don't normally reach our WOW factor then, but Serena was seriously a natural model straight out of the gate! Girl, teach me your ways! ;) I have SO many favorites from the first 15 minutes! Serena, you are a legend.

Enjoy *many* of my favorites from Serena's senior portrait session! Thanks again for choosing me, Serena.