Sam + Chris | Woodland Oregon Wedding | Portland, OR

If you have been keeping up with my recent couples, you've probably found yourself reading about Sam + Chris a lot lately! You know I'll never get sick of talking about these two lovebirds ;)

Mist gathered at the corners of his eyes. His gaze never wavered from the direction from the alter. A steady constant. Each step he took with his daughter, arm in arm, was another step towards her awaiting soon to be husband. Sweet notes of music not only came from the speakers but the creek softly running among the ferns nearby, it's flow in complete parallel to the aisle, as if nature was leading their way. As Sam and her father neared the alter, Sam's mother followed suit. Together, they sent their daughter, their baby girl, off to her life's most grand and sweetest adventure- the unity of her marriage to Chris.

Sam and Chris exchanged vows within the wooded Oregon forest. I've always said there is nothing more magical than the Pacific Northwest, but then I met Sam and Chris ;) The effortless love these two exhibit for each other every second is something to be admired.

Thank you, Sam & Chris, for opening your hearts to everyone on your wedding day. I hope each day brings new lessons of love and new reasons to smile. You two are wonderful & I am so thankful to know you.