Olivia | Viroqua Senior Portraits | A Gallop Through the Vineyard

Another senior blog post! Woot! This one is special (okay, they're ALL special!) but this one happens to be shot at one of my most favorite locations to date. I mean, how many times do I get to meet a senior who just happens to have a family member who owns one of the most beautiful private vineyards in the county? Not often ;) If you have been following along, this location might look a bit familiar because we were also lucky enough to shoot here with two seniors back to back! In case you missed it, here's Naomi's blog post. Olivia and Naomi are the cutest and seriously #bestfriendgoals. I'm so glad they loved the idea of doing their sessions together!

My favorite question during Olivia's half of the shoot was "Okay, wait. Is it okay if I bring out two horses instead of just one??" Uhhh YES, GIRL!

This girl just blows me away, guys. Bonds strong enough to match the love between Olivia and her horses rarely occur in most humans. Early on in her session it was pretty clear she was a horse girl at her core. The level of respect she shows her animals an vice versa was one of the most raw and tender things I've ever seen. Thanks for being so lovely, Olivia.