Natalie | Viroqua Senior Portraits | Golden Hour at the Fair

As the sun set and took the golden warmth with it, Natalie were finishing up our session (that ended up at the Vernon Country Fair!) and heading back to our vehicles. I turned to her and said, "So, I didn't want to freak you out before or during your session, but has anyone told you we looked like sisters?!" Thank goodness she found this hilarious because she said "I was thinking the same thing! Your husband almost came up and hugged me one day."


If you never knew, I live in super small town. Not small enough to still use Dial-Up internet, but there are definitely cows outside... everywhere. I graduated from the same high school Natalie is about to graduate from this year so we definitely have interacted with each other at least some point in our lives. Stuff like that is totally inevitable when you live in a town of less than 7 thousand people. Realizing that Natalie and I look so similar either says that maybe we should check out, huh? ;) This coincidence was definitely one of the highlights from "Senior Season" this past year. Too funny!

Another highlight of the year happened within Natalie's session as well! This girl, ya'll, she radiated goodness and emitted all of the giggles! When she contacted me about having her senior portraits done, she really wanted colorful portraits. Great news for us, because it was September in Wisconsin and the first colors of autumn were peppering the hillside with orange and yellow hues. The second bonus? The county fair was in full swing the weekend of her portraits! This session was so fun because we were able to mix natural and man-made textures and colors. Her album is seriously one of my favorites! Scroll further to check out Natalie's portraits:

Also, I just wanted to add: PROPS to this girl for modeling through a crowd! It was actually a lot busier than this photo makes it seem. We were right smack dab in the middle of the main drag and I definitely had to shoot through a few kiddos darting in and out of frame ;) Natalie warmed up so well to the camera by this time. She's gotta be a pro by now!