Naomi | Viroqua Senior Portraits | Golden Vineyard Bliss

I just love love LOVED Naomi's senior session! We honestly spent most of the evening giggling with her friend Olivia that she brought with (more on her blog post soon!). Many faces were made to make each other laugh and tons of spins were twirled! I mean, can you really beat a hair flip with hair like that, though?? ;)

Naomi, sweet girl, thank you for gracing so many people with your absolutely glowing personality and delightfully sassy charm. Sunshine is destined to follow you wherever you are. May your future be as bright as your smile and warm as your heart (warm tone references because I know that girl loves the beach!)

Here's to the Class of 2018!

This girl seriously nailed the "model stare" straight out of the gate! Major props, Naomi, because when I try it I look waaaay less graceful and look more like, rude.. haha!

Not wearing a long, flowing dress? That's fine. We flip our hair when we can!

If this next set with her in her Free People dress isn't straight out of your bohemian dreams, then I just don't know what is.

Prime example of "If you wear a dress, I will make you twirl," Don't worry if it feels totally unnatural and you burst out in giggles, it looks cute on camera anyways. ;)

Raise your hand if you've ever been on the fence about a dress (see what I did there?) and only bought it because it had pockets.



*raises hand*