Monroe Family | Viroqua, WI | Haley Hundt Photos

Sometimes in the midst of busy season, I like to throw out a curve ball and photograph sweet families!

As photographers, Leah & I know all too well that we just don't have enough photos of ourselves. It was such a treat to be able to photograph another fellow photog & spend time with her and her family at their new home and meet all of their cute critters!

Do you want to know the best part about photographing a photographer and her family?

Every. single. one of them. is. trained.

Like, every single one of these girls practically knew what I was going to say to them before and words left my mouth! There was even a moment of absolute cuteness when Leah, Justin and I looked over and saw their eldest posing her younger sister– and I wasn't even taking their photo! oh, my heart!T

hank you, Leah, for making my life easy peasy. You are the real MVP ;)

With that dreamy light, how could I not sneak these two away for a micro couples session?!

This is exactly how I want 16 years of my own marriage to look like– sweet and full of laughter!