Monroe Family 2019 | Viroqua, WI | Haley Hundt Photos

Leah Monroe is a local photographer who I am so very lucky to call a friend :) ..and a cousin. Yes, I never made the connection over the years of our friendship.. embarrassing! Haha!

Whenever she introduced me to someone, she would say "This is my cousin Haley and she's a photographer, too!" I just assumed she was calling me cousin because it's sort of a redundant and long way of how we met (thanks, Betsy!) and Leah was just making it easier on all of us. I casually mentioned this to Leah one day and she actually had to tell me "You know we're related, right??" haha!

Leah asked me to take her family portraits again this year and she always wants to include the whole herd.. plus Emma, the Monroe family's exchange student this year! Belly laughs, goat poop, horse hair and maybe a few tears later, I am so happy with these portraits of such a fun loving family!

Thanks for having me, Leah + fam! Please enjoy some of my favorites from the Monroe Family portrait session of 2019!

The one who made her a momma in the first place.. momma and her eldest is a special bond. <3