Melissa + Tony | Classic Summer Wedding | Gays Mills, WI

I started off prepping for this blog post by Google searching "How to stop being so emotional because I can't see through my happy tears" *eye roll* This isn't my first attempt at an into for this blog post, so bear with me on this one! ;)

Wedding days like this is what I live for.

Everyone misty eyed,

Love blooming around every corner.

Sitting at my usual position as a photographer at the end of the isle, I caught myself more than once wiping tears from my eyes. Between every frame there was another reason to seep happiness. There's just something about two people publicly proclaiming their love & commitment to each other in front of all of the people they care about that is just so dang sweet. You know what makes it sweeter? When you get the upmost honor of knowing the couple deeper than as just their vendor.

Melissa & Tony, we've all been rooting for you two from the start. When I say "we" I mean the entire human race ;) You two leave everyone speechless with your love everyday, and you left everyone especially stunned on your wedding day. The only interruption of your perfect, sweet vows was the soft breeze between the trees and the soft sniffling of all of your lovely guests.

I love this love.

I love the way Tony treasures Melissa. Every inch & every space of her soul.

I love the way Melissa values Tony. She cares so deep & loves so hard.

Most importantly? I love that they're family is growing by two tiny feet & was included in their vows. We all just cannot wait for baby Hooverson to arrive!

Thank you, Melissa & Tony, for allowing me to be a part of your special day. Life is about to get a whole lot sweeter for you two!

Baby bumps make my heart so happy!!

Looking towards her *HUSBAND*