Megan + Anthony | A Family Farm Engagement | Haley Hundt Photos

My heart is still bursting after this engagement session! Okay, that happens after all of them, but this one was super special. I had the honor of photographing my cousin Anthony's engagement session! Yay!

To be completely honest, Megan already felt so much like family! She's as sweet as pie and I can hardly remember family Christmas without her. I'm ecstatic that we get to keep her! ;)

While we were planning out their e-session and thinking of locations, Megan and I decided that the best places to take their portraits was in locations that mean the most to their love + relationship. First, we started portraits at the See-Stafs Family Farm that Megan + Anthony now live on! If you're from the Midwest, you know that the family farm is a big deal to keep in the family, and even more so to keep it running. Not all heroes wear capes- some wear muckbooks and flannels. Thank you you guys. <3

The second location we decided on was where Anthony proposed! Ugh, cue the feels! This mushy stuff really fuels me, ya'll. We walked through Upper Duck Egg and soaked up the last of the beautiful sun and managed to catch some of the last autumn colors the trees had to offer.

Please enjoy some of my favorites from Megan + Anthony's engagement session!

Every farm needs a loyal companion. This sweet girl posed herself next to Anthony and my heart melted!

Anthony, me (check out that sheep sweater!) and his sister, Becca.