Krista | Bridal Portraits | A Rainy Day Blessing

We were in between frames and taking a mini break. Krista and I were laughing at how ridiculous we would look to anyone who *might* happen to pass by- not that they would, considering we honestly looked like two crazy girls running around in the rain with DRESSES on, completely soaked from the unexpected downpour! Not to mention Krista looking as fabulous as she was in her wedding dress and full train, running through the wet wildflowers like the goddess she is.

A year ago, Krista and her husband Trevor married in Minnesota. I personally wasn't there, but from just knowing Krista briefly, I could tell that it must have been beautiful. Coincidentally on her wedding day a year ago, the heavens opened up in a complete monsoon over the entire state of Minnesota. Krista explained it to me in complete grace,

"I lost my mom a while ago. The rain is a metaphor for her tears of happiness to see me married. It only makes sense again that it rains today when I put my dress back on."

The most beautiful bride and the most beautiful story. I am so happy we were able to get together and get some bridal portraits for this sweet girl. We left separately from the session drenched, a little muddy and our hearts full.