Kirsten + Cole | Lakeside Engagement | Devils Lake, WI | Haley Hundt Photos

If you have ever had the honor of knowing Kirsten (and Cole!) you'll know that these two are PEACHES. For the past few years, Kirsten and I have been joking that we're each others Twin! Birthday twin, that is ;) It's always fun having our day roll around every November to wish each other a happy day!

So, after Kirsten asked me to be her wedding photographer, we started scheduling out their engagement session. A few attempts of rescheduling and combating spring and all of it's rainy glory, we (and Daisy!) finally got lucky with a beautiful day at Devil's Lake!

When we all arrived at the lake, I definitely should have known better. A beautiful, sunny day at the lake for the first time all spring and summer? Yeah, it was packed F U L L! Families with their kids and dogs, big fishermen casting off on tiny boats and teens on inflatable water floaties. Honestly, I think we were lucky to get two parking spaces. I am absolutely so grateful to have the lenses and knowledge I have, because (and I may be a tiny bit biased) I think Kirsten + Cole's engagement portraits look absolutely dreamy! They did a wonderful job getting warmed up to the camera in the heat & in front of so many people. It's no easy feat and I'm super proud of them! I think if they can pull this off, then their wedding day will be a complete breeze. :)

I absolutely cannot wait until their wedding date next month! Please enjoy some of my favorite portraits from our day around the lake :)

Daisy is one lucky pup to have such sweet parents!

They are seriously such a lovely couple together! Don't you think they should be on the cover of romance novel?! I do!

Now, let's get these two married! :)