Jessica + Mitchell | A Historic Blufftown Love | Lanesboro, MN | Haley Hundt Photos

Okay, I have totally talked about all of the "Small Town Vibes" on the blog before in other sessions, but I honestly think this one takes the cake!

In a round about way, through marriage Jessica and I put the pieces together that we are sorta/kinda related. I won't bore you with the details, but trust us when we say that it still counts! Haha. Every person that has grown up with a 35 mile radius of Viroqua, Wisconsin has a similar story- you can bet on it. What's even more hilarious is that we were in the same wedding. Yea, you'd think we would remember that? No way! For the record, I was pretty little & didn't even remember my own sister being a bridesmaid, so there's that 😂 I have a goodie of an old photo for proof, but you'll have to scroll to the end for it!

In the meantime, please enjoy some of my favorite shots from Jessica + Mitchell's engagement session in the dreamy Lanesboro, Minnesota! Bring on September!