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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Past brides, you know the drill when it comes to this post ;)

Future Brides: If you want beautiful shots like this to showcase all of your wonderful details of your wedding, place all of your items in a box or bag (whatever works, girl!) a day or two before your wedding so I can photograph them right away!

Planning ahead like this does wonders for the morning of your wedding, trust me! Not only will you know where everything important is, but you’ll know that I will get everything you worked so hard to plan for photographed. There are very few things more stressful than not knowing where your rings are the morning of your wedding, girl.

Wouldn’t it be a shame to dream about it for years, finally plan out every small detail of your wedding and NOT have anything timelessly captures? 😩 Don’t worry, that won’t happen on my watch!

Follow these steps 2-3 days (yes, days!) prior to the day you say "I do!"

  1. Get it together. Grab a box or paper bag- anything larger than a shoe box works great!

  2. Do some research! You can never be "wrong" with what you do or do not want photographed :) Do you love images that showcase just jewelry and florals? Or are you wanting to go the full nine yards and have everything from your perfume, extra flowers, vow books & stationery documented?

  3. Gather all of your items and put them in your box or bag. To keep things safe, I recommend that you put everything in separate smaller boxes as well!

  4. After everything is packed, put them in a safe place that is obvious to you to grab on your way out the door on your wedding day! Whether it be by the door, on your entry way table or even in the trunk of your car, make it so obvious that it would be impossible to miss!

  5. Appoint your Maid of Honor to remind you of it :) even though you have made it almost impossible to forget your detail bag/box, a backup never hurts!

Okay, so now you know how to get it all together. This leads us to our next part:

What the heck do I put in the dang bag!?


  • Okay, this first one might be a given ;) I always always always will do one final check in your dress for leftover pins from your alterations. As I hang your dress up to photograph it, you will quickly realize that your dress will look sooo much more elegant on a "pretty" (and sturdy) hanger! Your wedding dress deserves more than a plastic hanger and believe me, having a classy wooden hanger makes a HUGE difference in your images. If you forget, I always have a few in the trunk of my car just in case!


  • You may or may not need this one depending on if you plan on wearing a veil, of course! I will photograph your veil with your dress hung up as well as use it for your bridal detail shots.


  • Uhh, okay.. the third one might be a given, too ;) Keep your wedding band, your engagement ring and your soon-to-be husband's ring in secure ring boxes! I like pairing these with the rest of your details because they are just so darn pretty!

Earrings/ Necklace/ Bracelet

  • Yesss, all of the other pretties! Keep these beautiful gems (ha) in safe jewelry boxes and not loose in your bag/box. I will be photographing these among the other details and highlighting even the most delicate stones. If you have a special meaning behind any piece, like a family heirloom, please let me know ahead of time so I can put that piece at the top of my list!

Bouquet/ Boutonniere (all florals!)

  • Talk with your florist to get these to your getting ready location as you are getting your hair and makeup done! This way they are ready for me to photograph with the rest of your details :) Also, if your florist has extra buds or bits of greenery, ask if they can include them in your delivery. I will use those up and you'll have extra flowers to occupy kiddos with!


  • Shoes, shoes, shoes! I realize some of you ladies may have two pairs of shoes, a pair for photos and a pair for the dance floor! Most brides only want their portrait worthy heels photographed for details, but if you'd like both documented then please feel free to include them!


  • Showcasing your wedding day scent will make looking back on your day that much memorable. Did you know that the sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. Those with full olfactory function may be able to think of smells that evoke particular memories, like the moment you said "I do!"

Invitations/ Stationery

  • You've spent all that money on paper invites, don't you want them documented?! ;)

Vow Books/Religious Family Books & Heirlooms

  • These could also be sweet written notes to either your soon-to-be spouse or a sentimental note to your parents.

Something Blue/Something Borrowed

  • This can be anything additional or anything above! You do you, suga! This penny was worn by a brides mother in her shoe at her own wedding and has passed the tradition down to her daughter. It's these small but special moments that I love for all of my sweet couples!

I hope this list and explanation for each helped you plan out your bridal details a little bit further! Here is a list of all of the the items for you to screenshot and keep on hand:

  1. Dress

  2. Veil

  3. Rings

  4. Earrings/ Necklace/ Bracelet

  5. Bouquet/ Boutonniere

  6. Shoes

  7. Perfume

  8. Invitations/ Stationery

  9. Vow Books/Religious Family Books & Heirlooms

  10. Something Blue/Something Borrowed