Golden Riverside Park Engagement | LaCrosse, WI | Ashley + Phil

Gearing up for this engagement session I double checked to make sure I wore my waterproof mascara (and two coats of it, just for good measure) because I knew I'd: A) Look like a raccoon from smooshing my face against the backside of my viewfinder and B) Get all super misty eyed because I knew this session was going to hit close to my heart!

Spoiler Alert: I did.

I love imagining what my couple's kids are going to think when they look back and see their parents in these images. I hope their love radiates right through the frames and into their hearts, like I know it does for the three luckiest girls who call this beauty their mama!

If you ask any of their family or friends, they will tell you that Ashley & Phil were made for each other, but just within a few minutes of being around them you can clearly come to that conclusion yourself. We all spent the session laughing at all of our own jokes (and trying not to fall into the weeds- as if that was super casual occurrence) and I was so lucky to capture the joy with each click of my shutter. The smile that Phil gives Ashley is a small sliver of pure proof that where they found home within each others arms.

My job is so much larger than just me. It's for all of my clients to freeze their love in an instant, to tell a story without words & to connect with future generations to view what once was- or as for love, still is.

Ashley is a big Harry Potter fan & Phil is the same with Star Wars. Okay, can I marry you guys already??!

As a HP fan myself, I honestly do not think I'll ever top this ring shot. Really ;)