FREE DOWNLOAD! 8 Hour Wedding Day with a First Look | Haley Hundt Photos

While working with brides + grooms over the past two years I noticed that when couples opt to not hire a wedding planner, the Wedding Day Timeline can sort of be a figment of imagination ;) That's totally ok! As the photographer, it's our job to educate our sweet couples on what to expect on any wedding day.

Personally, I love talking with each couple weeks before their big day to solidify wedding day plans in just as much detail as this example timeline you see below. Even a few extra tid-bits of information help, like when your flowers will arrive + who is in charge of getting boutonnières on the groom and groomsmen, to .any last minute portrait request the Bride and Groom might have for their big day!

*Important Note to Remember: Every single wedding day is as different as they are special :) No two are exactly alike, and that's what I love about them! Some may have separate locations for Getting Ready, the Ceremony location and separate Reception venues, and that's completely normal! Your photographer has probably already done their homework when working with your timeline and included travel distance between each location, but it doesn't hurt to point it out!

Enjoy your free download of a wedding day timeline with one location and a First Look!