Erica | Viroqua Senior Portraits | Urban + Sun Kissed

Erica and her sweet mom brought back all of the small town feels that I had forgotten over the years. Walking from spot to spot, all three of us chatted about Erica's siblings that I personally know (all good things, guys. All good things!) from being in school with them and the small town that brought all of us together. All of the thankfulness & feels, ya'll!

So, back to the lovely Erica herself!

Erica had executed every pose and motion I had coached her through PERFECTLY. I was squealing (seriously, like an "EEE!!!") behind my camera from such excitement! She made everything look effortless. No matter how many times I had this girl skip through the tall grasses and twirl though the fields she took it like a champ. Every few frames I was just way too excited by how her images were turning out on my screen that I just had to high step it over though the grasses to Erica and her mom to let them see how stunning they were! Honestly, I really felt like her sweet sprit just blossomed in the golden hour light in the field of flowers we were in.

Erica, thank you for your pure soul. Every ounce of goodness you have in your soul radiates outwards towards and onto everyone around you. :)