Denae + Dustin | Engagement At the Waters Edge | Lacrosse, WI

Have you ever met someone that you instantly clicked with? I'm pretty sure the universe was blessing me up hard when it brought Denae and I together by sheer luck!

Denae and I met through her sister, Breana, who is a fabulous makeup artist and extraordinary human. As Breana was doing makeup for a model I had, Denae was telling Augie and I (because you know I bring that man around everywhere I go!) about her recent proposal to her fiance Dustin and how special he made it.

You guys, they are as sweet as they are hilarious. Throughout Denae & Dustin's entire engagement session, there was c o n s t a n t laughter. These two definitely kept each other any myself on our toes! From frolicking through tall grasses, spontaneous piggy back rides to twirling in the sand at the waters edge. I love how easy going they both are- it always makes my job as a creative that much more easy!

Denae & Dustin are getting married next summer and I am just so excited to spend the day with them again. If their wedding day is as fun as their engagement session was, it'll be a cake walk ;)