Chelsea | Smoke Bomb Session | Viroqua, WI | Haley Hundt Photos

If any should feel beautiful in front of the camera, it's this girl. Especially when I spring surprises on her– like a smoke bomb!

Chelsea and I had the best time (as we always do together!) twirling along a backroads dirt road while chasing the light in heals like the classy ladies we are ;) I have to give this girl alllll of the props. I brought along a smoke bomb I had just casually laying in my office (yep, you read that right) and brought up that it would be so cool with her black dress. I have never seen a person just roll with the punches and say "HECK YES" to something so fast! I just love this woman :)

In honor of this very spooky Halloween night, I decided to make Chelsea's blog post in almost all black. Did I mention she is the queen of Halloween? Because that's important. ;)

Okay, how could I only choose one?! *insert heart eye emoji*