Andrew | Sunshine, Plaid and Baseball Caps | Senior Portraits | Haley Hundt Photos

This session has me convinced that I need to open up more senior sessions to the boys! I loved photographing Andrew because he was the chillest guy ever, no lie.

This was also the first time I have ever been rained out halfway through the session- yikes! I am always the girl watching the forecast like a hawk and didn't even see the stormfront coming up on us until right before we started Andrew's session. Thankfully, Andrew and his mom were super sweet and understanding, so we met up again the following Sunday evening. I am SUPER glad we did because we managed to catch the most beautiful light!

Thanks for coming back, Andrew, and for putting up with me teasing you + calling you pretty to get a genuine laugh out of you (which wasn't hard anyways!). And thank you for being such a great sport!