5 Ways to Not Freak Out Before Your Senior Session

If your experience about senior photos was anything like mine, then you're probably freaking out right now. That's okay!

Take a deep breath there, darling.

I'm about to answer all of your questions and calm those nerves before you make one of the many adult-y decisions that you're going to be making your senior year.

1. Choose a Photographer That Gets You

Choosing your photographer is just as important as deciding what you're going to wear. Yep! You read that right. Your photographer should be someone whose work is beautiful, classic and totally your style! Photographers these days are some of the most vocal artists on social media. It's easy to find one that jives with your personality if you take a second to look. When on the hunt, think of a a photographer who you would love to be best friends with! A great chemistry between the both of you will lead to a relaxed portrait session and some amazing photos!

2. Plan In Advance

You will thank your future self if you plan and envision your portrait session in advance. This can be anything from booking a date with your photographer, making decisions on hair, makeup and outfits to even scouting for locations (if your photographer hasn't found a location already!) The days leading up to your session can be so stressful if you leave these things until the last minute. For my own senior portraits I left my outfit decision until the last week and I wished I hadn't! I was super stressed out and my skin broke out more than usual :(

3. Communicate, Girl!

Your photographer is the professional and if they are older than 19 years old, they probably have been in your shoes at least (well, hopefully) once before! Stay in touch with them when it comes to scheduling. Over-communication is key for a sound mind and body.

4. Book Hair + Makeup

You only graduate from high school once, right? Take advantage and TREAT YO' SELF to professional hair and makeup! Even if you have friends that are aspiring cosmetologists, it's still fun to get a little soft glam going right before you get your portraits taken. It might even be the boost of confidence you need prior to stepping in front of the camera! Professional hair and makeup certainly looks amazing and removes the stress of getting ready on your own. Your photographer probably has their favorite local hair + MUA's on speed dial. Just ask for their recommendations and they'll point you in the right direction. Whether it’s lash lifts or blown-out hair, professional hair and makeup will give you an extra boost of confidence in front of the camera, and you get bet on that it will always photograph like an absolute DREAM!

5. Hydrate + Sleep

Seriously. You read that correctly. If you can dedicate the 7 days leading up to your portrait session with a solid 8 hours of sleep each evening + lots of water each day, your skin will be singin' Hallelujah!